Over a millenia ago, the Elves came to the Faladur Vale in search of a new home. They were quickly befriended by the Eastern Dwarves. After years of collaboration and expansion, their new empire reached almost entirely across the Faladur Vale. The Western Dwarves, who had rejected the emmisaries of the Elves, did not take kindly to this. Allying with the barbaric human tribes of the north, they waged war. A period of slaughter ensued. Horrendous acts due to the ferocity of the West and the technology of the East led to a massacre in the central city of Faladur. Peace was brokered by both sides after the act, and they receded to their previous boundaries, living apart with no further conflict.

Centuries later, humans ventured into the Vale through the Southern Plains. Follwoing the river, they made their way to the old dwarven city of Faladur, now abandoned, making it their new home. Revolution broke out to see who would rule the new country in which these humans now found theirselves. A victor emerged: Leonyd Artese. Also known as Leonyd the Great, the new ruler firmly established his descendants as the royal family of the Kingdom of Faladur. The Artesian dynasty remains unbroken to this day, in the year 1398 E.D.

Despite the Artesian familiy’s long reign, rule is slipping from their hands. Elves and Dwarves continue to withdraw into their homelands, bandits plague the countryside, and rumours of upheaval ride the winds…

Faladur Vale