History of the Vale

The Faladur Vale was first inhabited by dwarves. Before elves migrated into the Faldur Vale fromt he central forests of Nivae, the dwarves of the Vale mainly stuck to the mountains, surviving from the sparse sustenance they provided. Ocassionally the Eastern Dwarves (Nardwi) and the Western Dwarves (Yardwi) would have skirmishes.

When the elves arrived, they were rejected by the brutish Yardwi and taken in by the accepting Nardwi. The elves and Nardwi worked together to benefit eachother’s populations: the elves utilized the products of the forest (Gwaineryn) and traded it with the metals the Nardwi harvested from the Eastern Mountains (Zornar Mountains). This allowed both societies to flourish and expand.

Elves spread across the rest of the Faladur Vale, and the Nardwi expanded towards the Western Mountains (Grundawi Mountains), hoping to acquire new flow of resources. As both races flowed west, they created settlements, towns and cities, some of which remain standing (see Faladur).

The elves were the first to reach the Grundawi Mountains, and once again were rejected by the Yardwi. When the Yardwi found out that the elves were allied with the Nardwi, they started attacking them. Aid came for the elves from the Nardwi, and war was officialy started when a Nardwi settlement, Durstras, was sacked by the Yardwi and their allies, the Northern humans.

The Nardwi and elves put up a resistance, but the Yardwi and Northerners were both races who placed great importance on strength and martial status. The Yardwi pushed east, and the war finally came to Faladur, the Nardwi capitol outside of the Zornar Mountains. Faladur was attacked, and the slaughter began. In a final attempt to save the city, the Nardwi and elven magicians sacrficed themselves and their power to destroy the assault force. The destruction was catastrophic.

After the event, both sides agreed to stay out of the opposing sides domain, retreating back to their homeland. Faladur was left empty, along with most of the settlements in the central part of the Vale.

History of the Vale

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